Are you looking for a Reformed Church in TX?

Covenanted Reformation Church: If you’re in search of a church that embodies the essence of covenantal commitment, adheres to the Reformed tradition, and is in Texas, then Covenanted Reformation Church offers a beacon of spiritual fidelity. This church is more than a mere assembly using Christian terminology; it’s a community deeply committed to enacting the teachings of the Bible, embracing God’s ways with unwavering devotion. In times when many profess to follow Christ yet deviate from the core truths of Scripture, Covenanted Reformation Church stands in faithfulness, strictly aligning with Scriptures, the Westminster Standards, and the Synod of Dordt, without exception to those standards.

The Lord’s Day services at Covenanted Reformation Church mirror this solid adherence to biblical principles, conducted with reverence and a profound embrace of the regulative principle of worship. Adhering scrupulously to the Westminster Directory of Public Worship, each service is a celebration to honor the Lord Jesus Christ in a manner that echoes the historic Reformed worship practices laid down by the Protestant reformers. This approach not only pays homage to the Bible but also connects the congregation with the rich heritage of their faith.

At the heart of teaching at Covenanted Reformation Church is the doctrine of covenant theology, underscoring the boundless grace of Jesus Christ as our supreme KING and SOVEREIGN. This theological stance is crucial, as underscored in Ephesians 2:8-10, emphasizing salvation by grace through faith—not of ourselves but as a gift from God, prepared for good works which God has preordained for us to engage in.

Covenanted Reformation Church warmly welcomes all who seek a deeper, more genuine connection with God. By browsing the Home Page, visitors can delve into our vision, mission, and the plethora of spiritual resources available. For those keen on exploring the church’s foundational doctrines, the top links on this page open the door to extensive information on our beliefs and convictions.

Take a minute to visit our HOME PAGE for information about our church, or visit the links at the top of the page for specifics about what we believe and why.

Visit our denomination page that shows our commitment in upholding the Westminster Standards without exception. You can find that site here: Biblical Reformed Synod of Christ the King